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Europeisk CH-undersøkelse - Bli med!
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Dear participant

Eurolight is the first European initiative to evaluate the impact of headache. It is supported by 28 partners of 16 countries, all major patient associations, headache experts, scientific headache organisations, the European Agency for Health and consumers (EAHC) and supported by ?Lifting the burden? a partnership activity of the World Health Organisation(WHO).

What is the purpose of the study?

Your participation in this Cluster Headache survey is for the benefit of yourself and other cluster headache patients. The study aims to evaluate the physical, emotional, socio-economic impact of cluster headaches as well as the disease-management satisfaction.  The results will help to have a better understanding of cluster headache as a serious health problem and to assess the burden of cluster headache. The obtained information will contribute to evaluating the needs for an optimal disease management and ultimately improving cluster headache services and quality of life. The data will be used for publications in lay and scientific literature as well as reports to the European Commission

To whom is the study addressed?

The study is addressed to all Cluster Headache patients. It is completely up to you to decide if you would like to participate. By accepting to fill out the online questionnaire, you are taking the opportunity to help improving quality of life and headache services for cluster patients.
-- rune